History in the making 

OFFICIALLY recognized by Wake County Public School System (Letter)   

1) Indigenous Peoples' Day on the second Monday of October, annually. 

2) American Indian Heritage Month in November, annually. 

Thank you to the Parent Committee members. 


The Wake County Indian Education Program (WCIEP) is a federally funded Title VI grant open to any kindergarten through high school student enrolled in the Wake County Public School System (not charter or private) who is affiliated with any federally recognized or state recognized tribe. Some programs/events sponsored by the WCIEP include tutoring, cultural programming, ACT/SAT  prep workshops, ACT/SAT guides and social activities. 

The WCIEP grant funding is directly related to the number of students with completed 506 forms on file and not with the number of students who self-identify as Native. Completion of this 506 form is vital to the continuation of the program.